The mobile networking and communication app…
Available on Iphone
and Android

The Qirri app puts you in touch with fellow doctors within and beyond your own personal network

Easy access to a world of knowledge & experience

Save time by posting questions easily to multiple potential responders within or beyond your own medical network.

Create or join private or public groups

Create and administer your own private groups to facilitate confidential communications within your own network or team. Join public groups to tap in to world wide knowledge and experience.

Add pictures, videos or voice messages to your posts

Full multimedia functionality to improve and facilitate communication. Upload and view pictures, videos and audio recordings from your mobile device.

Edit, delete, forward or follow posts

Qirri lets you edit or delete posts if you need to update or retract any information that has been posted. You can also follow interesting posts or forward them to your colleagues.

Follow other doctors or Q&A feeds

Favourite and follow posts to make it easier to see how the conversation evolves. See which conversations are being followed by others so that you can stay up to date and be in the loop on the next hot topic.

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